Turbo™ Professional Car Dent Repair Kit
₹899.00 ₹1,799.00

Repair Dents quickly and professionally with Turbo™ Professional Car Dent Repair Kit


  • No Hurt to Paint: 
    Dent bridge puller won't damage the car structure. 6 different size gasket are made of rubber and soft,suitable for repairing different size dents,will not hurt your car's paint.
  • Multipurpose: 
    The bridge dent puller is an effective dent repair tool,can be used to repair surface dents such as cars, refrigerators, motorcycle bodies, washing machines, etc.
  • Dent Repair Expert: 
    Using the principle of leverage to design the dent puller is ergonomic,the dent bridge puller can adjust the tabs to better fit the dents,the repair is efficient and labor saving.
  • Saving Time and Cost:
    The traction pull bridge is an effective dent repair tool. It can remove dents by yourself,no need spend time and money to the Mechanic store.
  • Durable: 
    Stable with durable stainless steel,sturdy and longevity

 How to Use?

  • Place pulling bridge over dent pulling tab and attach the turning knob.
  • Twist the Turning Knob, pulling the dent out, until the tab pops from the surface

Even if you don't have any dent on your car, Get your piece now and keep it to face sudden dent
You deserve to show your car in the best and most beautiful case all the time to all people. 😍

Don't forget the appearance of your car reflects your personality.

Package Includes:
2 Dent Pullers And Bridge
Tap-Down Tool
Hot Glue Gun
Wing Nut

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